Stand! Do not defend. Be a Child of God in the Kingdom of Heaven

Christo Child of God


silhouette of personr
silhouette of personr

Anytime you defend yourself you just made yourself guilty.

You must learn how to stand and not defend.

To stand with power, you must know the Constitution, Trust Law, and how to write a valid affidavit.

You must also know all the mechanics of Babylon (Commerce, Admiralty law) including their language, legalese.

To stand, do it administratively and it is highly recommended to not step foot in their BAR court. The BAR (BritishAccreditedRegistry) is operating in our country unlawfully. They are still in collusion with the foreign corporation running this country and they make an oath to be loyal to the crown and to serve the state. The BAR judge, prosecutor and your own attorney work together to extort as much money as they can from you and the cestui sue vie trust created at your birth. We hear horror stories of people everyday paying a BAR attorney upwards of $90,000 and lose the case. They betray their own client for big money.

Always stand as a Child of God, Daughter of the King and you will experience freedom.